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Do-It-Yourself A Cappella

Remember that time when the only way to get better a cappella recording was to travel to a studio or bring a producer to you and yes, spend some coin (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? We know that sometimes, it’s just not feasible – but we don’t think your group should be penalized over logistics or finances. That’s why we’ve created DIYacappella, an information portal for better home-brewed a cappella production. Whether you’re an experienced pro or a recording virgin, DIYacappella provides the how-to, what-now, then-what, and don’t-forget. Do it. Yourself. Better.

What is DIYacappella?

I’m so glad you asked… yourself.

It’s pretty simple, really. When we were little, we loved to take things apart, see how they work, then put them back together again. That’s basically what we’ve done with the a cappella recording process. Every step, from setting up your sessions, to repacking the equipment, from mic technique, to taking bathroom breaks (kidding, but only kinda). We took what we know, blew it up, collected and examined all the pieces, where they go, how they work, etc. From there, we wrote down what we learned, packaged it up all nice-like, and here you are.

Whether you’re looking for more control over the process, more flexibility in your scheduling, or just want to save a couple thousand dollars, you now have the ability to choose when, where, and HOW you record. Simply put, DIYacappella makes a cappella recording accessibile to just about everyone.

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