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A Cappella Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Concert Production

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YOUR A CAPPELLA. BETTER. We’re on a mission, folks. Our master plan, our blue-sky goal, is all-encompassing: Make A Cappella Better. For you, for your group, for the entire a cappella UNIVERSE.

We Make Our Clients Better

They Said It Better

  • Bottom line: no one will care more about your project than Mark, Nick, Longo and their team.
    customer photo

    - Dave Sperandio, Vocal Mastering, diovoce

  • The Vocal Company is the most ambitious and forward thinking a cappella business around.
    customer photo

    - Patrick Hockberger, Vox Labs

  • Seeing as the founder of The Sapphires is Nick, we all go way back. Besides our personal affinity for both Nick and Mark, we’ve competed against Lo and Angela, and Jill is a Sapphire alumna. We continue working with this stellar crowd because they’re just that: stellar. They continuously push their clients, forcing them to go above and beyond for excellence. They don’t just make a better, higher quality album; they make a better, higher quality group.
    customer photo

    - Martika Clark, UNCG Sapphires

  • The Vocal Company has provided us with so many great opportunities to show people what we’re all about. From the careful tracking and editing by Angela Ugolini, to the mixing of Nick Lyons, and under the direction and moral support of Mark Hines, the feeling that we are being taken care of never ceases. I would highly recommend TVC for your recording needs if you want to pack the punch of your live performances into a nice shiny disc or iTunes download. TVC helped us do it, and they can REALLY help you, too!
    customer photo

    - Shams Ahmed, The Nor'easters